02 July 2008

I Work On A Starship

Hi. My name is Roberta X, and I work on a starship.

Sure, it sounds loopy. That's what I thought, too, as a radio-minded under-21 between jobs, when the USSF -- that's United States Space Force -- recruiter called me up. Of course, he didn't tell me what I was getting into; I thought he was Air Force and the deal he offered, tech school at Uncle Sam's expense plus a "good chance of space travel" sounded too good to be true.

It was true, though. There's a Hidden Frontier out there and when I signed on, we were still officially at war. After the Treaty of 1989, the "peace dividend" (hah!) left me highly skilled, out of uniform and a long way from home. Kind of a win-win, the way things turned out.

20 years later, I'm still a long way from the old home world most of the time. I started this blog on a dare but it turns out the USSF/NATO types in charge of keeping a lid on this great big interstellar webwork don't think anyone will believe me and they're probably right.

Make up your own mind; it's just before the start of my shift and the Stardrive is overdue for some preventive maintenance. Gotta git!